B.O.W. Accepts 6th Change Order For City Hall

The Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety this morning accepted a sixth change order for work at the new city hall.

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer said when the city first voted to move forward with the purchase of the former National City Bank building in downtown Warsaw to turn it into a new city hall, they were told to expect 8 percent contingencies. In other words, city officials knew that additional expenses in refurbishing the building were likely to arise. The good news, Thallemer said, is that they have only realized 3.3 percent additional expenses, well below what was anticipated.

The sixth change order came from Scearce Rudisel Architects for $13,335. That additional cost is to level flooring on the second story. The work is necessary to fill voids associated with the original HVAC system and an original staircase which had long ago been closed off. A floor underlayment is being placed so a new surface can be installed.

The change order also includes the installation of handicapped accessible grab bars in two restrooms.

“Again, we knew we had to expect some additional expenses, but we’re still at far less than we anticipated,” said Thallemer.

While no action was taken on his request for a software agreement, Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory Fire Chief Mike Brubaker asked the B.O.W. to review a proposed contract to provide complete records management.

Brubaker is hoping to contract with ACS Government Systems Inc., a company he described as a leader in providing fire service with recording such things as fire hydrant locations, business pre plans, site histories and other valuable information fire firefighters can access while en route to any fire scene.

ACS would provide hosting and technological support for a period of 5 years. Minimum cost of the annual contract would be $3,103. Brubaker said the city now pays $1,570 per year for less sophisticated system that is not accessible by all in-truck computers and, in the event of a catastrophic event that could destroy the fire station, the information would be lost. By utilizing ACS, all information is constantly backed up and accessible on all department computers and in-truck computers.

City human resources director Jennifer Whitaker said she had some questions about the program and, although is not necessary opposed to it, she would like to review the contract and get additional information from Brubaker. The B.O.W. agreed to review the contract at its next meeting in two weeks.

In other business, it was announced that the Warsaw Housing Authority, through a partnership with the city, was able to place a home on the city sewer system. The tap-on fees were waived and the WHA was able to provide a loan to another homeowner to make repairs on his home. The homeowner is responsible for repayment of 30 percent of the total loan, which was $12,800.

The next meeting of the B.O. W. will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday, June 1, in the city hall.



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