Kosciusko County Police News

Kosciusko County Bookings
May 9

• Chris Robin Faulkner, 41, 2234 N. 700 W., Warsaw, arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespassing. Bond: $300

• Randy Dean Harris, 60, 111 1/2 8th St., Goshen, arrested for possession of paraphernalia. No bond

• Martha Ann Sharp aka Meridith Simpson, 29, 1202 E. Center St., Warsaw, arrested for failure to appear. Bond: $500

• Amber Lee Tomblin, 24, 14 EMS D 18B Ln., Syracuse, arrested for driving while suspended. Bond: $300

• Dustin James Arnold, 28, 14 EMS D 18B Ln., Syracuse, arrested for driving while suspended. Bond: $300

• Robert Pete Bremer, 56, 50 N. Bluegill Ln., Silver Lake, arrested on a body attachment warrant. Bond $670

• Andrew Joseph Warren, 18, 5596 S. 300 E., Warsaw, arrested for D felony burglary. Bond: $2,000

• Joe Hayden Haywood, 18, 4720 E. 900 S., Claypool, arrested for D felony burglary. Bond: $2,000

May 8
• Michael C. Vanlaningham, 26, 2104 Heron Blvd., Warsaw, arrested for sexual battery. No bond

• Jacob I. Craft, 19, 4630 S. 500 E., Warsaw, arrested for OWI. Bond: $750

• Katrina Marie Byrer aka Katrina Marie Dove, 34, 211 S. West St., Milford, arrested for disorderly conduct. Bond: $350

• Robert Richard Devault, 71, 20903 12th Rd., Plymouth, arrested for failure to appear. Bond: $500

• Charles Franklin Greer, 18, 1202 Wooster Rd., Winona Lake, arrested for theft. Bond: $2,000

• Shane Andrew Edwards, 20, 310 N. Henry St., Milford, arrested for conversion. No bond

• Hannah L. Street, 18, 310 N. Henry St., Milford, arrested for conversion. No bond

• Jack Allen Bocook, 27, 398 W. 800 S., Claypool, arrested for residential entry, criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and public indecency. Bond: $2,000

• Kelcee Foerster, 20, 209 E. Baltimore St., Syracuse, arrested for public intoxication and minor possession. Bond: $300

• Katie Maire Workman, 20, 9422 E. Carnation, Cromwell, arrested for OWI, minor possession, false police reporting and public intoxication. Bond: $550

• Joshua Harold Arnold, 31, 4965 N. Old Fort Wayne St., Huntington, arrested for public intoxication. Bond: $550

KCSD Incidents

• On May 5, three suspects were arrested for criminal recklessness after shots were allegedly fired in the area of the Silver Inn, 106 N. Jefferson St., Silver Lake. The suspects were: Lance Parker, 38, Silver Lake; Kent Flesher, 27, Roann; and Norman A. Neddef III, 24, Silver Lake.

• On May 6, a Warsaw woman reported a domestic battery in the 1100 block of West CR 400 South, Warsaw.

• May 4, a female juvenile was transported to Michiana Behavioral Health in Plymouth after allegedly battering a teacher at Madison Elementary School.

• A Kentucky man was reportedly harassing a Silver Lake woman and her family after the woman ended a relationship with him. The suspect was contacted and warned to discontinue all contact or be arrested.

• A Syracuse woman reported a theft of a shotgun by her former roommate.

• Kayla Courtney of Syracuse reported the fraudulent use of her debit card.

• On May 5, Kosciusko Community Hospital reported a man was in the emergency room who had been involved in an unreported motorcycle crash.

• Lois Swoverland of Warsaw reported her 1995 Dodge 2500 pickup truck was vandalized some time over the nighttime hours.

• Paul Gibson of Akron reported on May 8 that a light was on in an abandoned residence. A suspect was taken into custody for burglary.


Wednesday, May 9, 3:30 p.m. Boeing Road, Warsaw. Driver: Staci M. Willard, 26, 1816 Rider St., Warsaw. Driver backed into another vehicle. Damages: up to $5,000

• Wednesday, May 9, 2:26 p.m. 2535 E. U.S. 30, Warsaw. Driver: Lisa Mock, 47, 200 Booth Dr., Wolcottville. Driver backed into another vehicle. Damages less than $1,001

• Sunday, May 6, 11:48 a.m. Packerton Road and CR 225 S. Driver 1: Brenda M. Prater, 47, 124 S. Hunters Ridge, Warsaw; Driver 2: James E. Prater, 48, 124 S. Hunters Ridge, Warsaw. Brenda and James Prater were both operating motorcycles. Brenda Prater entered into an intersection, followed by James, when Brenda braked hard to avoid colliding with a third vehicle. Damages: up to $5,000



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